Face Your Maker Los Angeles, California

We are Face Your Maker, a four piece band bringing you Revenge, Hate, Control, Doom and Manipulating it to our own sound straight out of Southern California. Keeping it Heavy And Violent. FYM

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Track Name: Dissolution
This isn't a nightmare.
This is the cleansing
Of a vile place.

Our actions have brought this.
Upon ourselves.
We are all to blame.
For our own extinction.

We are all to blame.
No one is innocent
No one is safe
We will all suffer the same fate.

Its useless to weep for salvation.
Our destination has been foretold.

Its useless to plead to an empty sky.
We will all repay every debt we owe.
Agony, famine and plague.
Will lead us to extinction
This is all unavoidable.

This world will be neutralized.
This world will be sacrificed.
Track Name: Oblivious
Mankind faces, ruins and despair.
empires will crumble, monuments will collapse.

This world we knew is changing, yet we choose to play the blind mans game,
ignoring all the warning signs to our undeniable fate.

We are oblivious.
We are ignorant.

One by one we are taken in by the tongues of a liar.
Like sheep to the slaughter.
We have fallen in the hands of a tyrant.

You claim to be humanities one and only salvation.
You claim to be this societies only redemption.

This is, our impending end. x2
Track Name: Pawn
A nation filled, with manipulated minds set to obey.

In a world where no one is equal, salvation is known as a fabrication to you all.
Confide from justice and freedom.

Enslaved by despair, you are forgotten.
No voiced opinions, numbers not names.

Involuntary patriotism. X2

They pull the strings.
Twisting your minds to comply to their needs, blinding you from reality.
Mindless puppets hanging from your master’s strings.

There's a difference between, what you’re told and what you know.
No peace without order, no order without authority.

Generations born, into imprisonment.
Procreations sentenced to death, unable to use your brain.

When they control what you think or say,
the eye above the sky watches down on you,
watching your every move you make.

New denominations are born,
into profit from suffering.
Track Name: Abdicate
So many devoted subjects.
Sacrificing themselves, in your name.
Follow and obey, follow and obey your shepherd.

Deceiver, slanderer, chastiser, forsaker.

You cast aside your apostles.
Lead them to wander down a bottomless pit.
As they fall to their knees, prayers of help
Left unanswered.
Years of devotion, yet your guardian is absent.
Where can he be?
Where are the things you have promised?

Where's your savior?

Every soul has been condemned.
Every follower has been misled.

Where's your savior?
Where's your savior?
Track Name: Pig
Disloyal, you've committed treason and won't be forgiven.
Hypocrite, you put on a mask and pretend to be something you're not.

Your consistency runs thin, your complexion
is counterfeit, forfeiting the innocent for your egotistical gain.

Your selfishness has brought upon misery and obliteration.
Gluttony has made you pray on the negligent.

I will put an end to your existence, your wretched life will be your demise, no benevolence, no mercy for filth.

Your misfortune befalls becoming my, adversary.

This will be your,
Genocide x2
I will be your,
Genocide x2
This will be your,
Genocide x2

You’re nothing but a treacherous pig.
Nothing, you pig.